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Welcome to the Tabletop Game Alliance of Washington State Wiki!

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Vision & Mission[edit | edit source]

Vision[edit | edit source]

Our vision is bring about the widespread understanding of the value of the tabletop games industry, foster future generations of game makers, and nurture our diverse communities through play.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Our mission is:

  • To grow the tabletop games industry of Washington State through the sharing of best practices, policy advocation, and the development of new opportunities for members.
  • To build mutually beneficial public / private partnerships with state agencies, public institutions, educators, & tribal governments.
  • To communicating the value of play to the public
  • To grow the tabletop audience
  • And to nurture game makers at all stages of development, from hobbyist to corporate enterprise.

Governance[edit | edit source]

Executive Board[edit | edit source]

Meeting Minutes

Organizational Documents


Member Advisory Boards[edit | edit source]

Conference & Conventions Board (Not Formed)[edit | edit source]

Creative Professional Board[edit | edit source]

Large Enterprise Board[edit | edit source]

Large Enterprise Meeting Minutes

Education & Nonprofit Board[edit | edit source]

Education & Nonprofit Board Meeting Minutes

Publisher Board - (Not Formed)[edit | edit source]

Publisher Resources

Retailer Board - (Not Formed)[edit | edit source]

Tribal Board - (Not Formed)[edit | edit source]

Committees[edit | edit source]

Events & Trade Committee[edit | edit source]

Events & Trade Meeting Minutes

State and Federal Grants

Tokyo Game Market

Annual Membership Meeting

Membership Committee[edit | edit source]

Membership Meeting Minutes

Code of Conduct

Member Resources

Membership Info

Workgroups[edit | edit source]


Essen Trade Mission

Operations[edit | edit source]

Common Tasks (Setting up email...)

Communications / Marketing[edit | edit source]

Branding & Style Guide

Flyers / Pamphlets

Getting started[edit | edit source]