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Set up a New Email

This is the process for setting up a or other email address so someone can send and receive email using their gmail account

1.Set up the email address on dreamhost

-set the email to forward to the staff's email account.

-note the password

-POP vs Forward Only (POP setup here...

Adding a TGA Email to your Gmail Account

Note the new email address and server password as provided by the TGA Webmaster (Ross).

1. Log into you regular gmail

2. Click the Gear > See All Settings

3. Click Accounts and Import > Send Mail As > Add another email address

4. Enter Basic Info

Name = Your Name

Email Address = Your new email address

Treat as an Alias = Checked (generally you want this checked. More info)

5. Enter Server Info

  • SMTP Server — NOTE: Gmail will attempt to automatically fill this section for you, but it may not add the correct server name. Make sure to change this to
  • Port — 465
  • Username — Your FULL DreamHost email address
  • Password — The email password

Check the option for SSL and click 'Add Account'.

6. Verify Email

  • An email is sent to the DreamHost address with a verification code. Check email on web (use your new email and password) Copy that code from the email and paste it into this window.
  • Navigate back to your Gmail settings page.
  • Scroll down to the Send mail as section. You now see your new DreamHost address

More info: