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Welcome to the Tabletop Game Alliance of Washington State Wiki!

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Vision & Mission


Our vision is bring about the widespread understanding of the value of the tabletop games industry, foster future generations of game makers, and nurture our diverse communities through play.


Our mission is:

  • To grow the tabletop games industry of Washington State through the sharing of best practices, policy advocation, and the development of new opportunities for members.
  • To build mutually beneficial public / private partnerships with state agencies, public institutions, educators, & tribal governments.
  • To communicate the value of play to the public
  • To grow the tabletop audience
  • And to nurture game makers at all stages of development, from hobbyist to corporate enterprise.


Executive Board

Meeting Minutes

Organizational Documents


Member Advisory Boards

Conference & Conventions Board (Not Formed)

Creative Professional Board

Large Enterprise Board

Large Enterprise Meeting Minutes

Education & Nonprofit Board

Education & Nonprofit Board Meeting Minutes

Publisher Board - (Not Formed)

Publisher Resources

Retailer Board - (Not Formed)

Tribal Board - (Not Formed)


Events & Trade Committee

Events & Trade Meeting Minutes

State and Federal Grants

Tokyo Game Market

Annual Membership Meeting

Membership Committee

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Code of Conduct

Member Resources

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Essen Trade Mission


Common Tasks (Setting up email...)

Communications / Marketing

Branding & Style Guide

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